miércoles, marzo 01, 2017

Amish and Dirndl outfit inspiration

A dream in the fields

An amish and dirndl tale by
Yolanda Villajos.

All the mornings the same thigs... but always different.
I have a little bad taste in my mouth.

I need more
about life.

But I´m happy
cause the sunny days

Do you remember this winter?
I kissed a new you


I hope you like my little story ^^.
I retouched the pics for a 60´s look.
The inspiration came from:
- Mennonite and amish form of living.
- Autenthic dirndl outfit.

Portrait of Helene Sedlmayr in Old Munich costume by court painter Joseph Karl Stieler, c.1830

I have the pink blouse since 2014, I found it in a flea market. from this seller: Pröko (a very talented designer). She found it in Italy travel!.
Skirt is my Fashion Grade final product, and my apron is handmade.

Charivari (charms) is a repurpose bracalet. Coif is handmade (medieval).

My favourite item is the vintage veil ( handkerchief) from my grandmother.

I need a real german corset/bodice for improve this outfit!.

What do you think?


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